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Which CBECS data is Portfolio Manager using? Is there a plan for updating it? Follow

EPA is currently using the 2003 Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) data to create most of the 1-100 ENERGY STAR scores in Portfolio Manager.

EPA will update all Portfolio Manager scores with the 2012 CBECS on Sunday August 26, 2018. (Users will see updated metrics in Portfolio Manager on Monday, August 27.) All updated scores will occur at the same time to ensure that mixed use buildings experience only one change, and allow EPA to take advantage of economies of scale during the update process. 

EPA will hold bi-annual webinars to provide updates and collect public comments. More information at: www.energystar.gov/scoreupdates


In the interim, users of the ENERGY STAR Score should have confidence that:

• The ENERGY STAR Score remain the best representation of commercial building energy performance in the market.

• CBECS 2003 continues to be the best source of industry data.

• EPA will work to develop alternative methodologies if deemed necessary or beneficial. Currently, four of the property types eligible to receive an ENERGY STAR score in Portfolio Manager were developed using non-CBECS data.

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