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What is Green Button? Follow

Green Button is an industry-led effort that began in January 2012 in response to a White House directive to provide utility customers electronic access to their energy data in a standard format. The purpose is to empower customers with data. When Green Button is fully implemented, the goal is that consumers will be able to take advantage of a growing array of online services to help them manage their energy data and save money.

The Green Button “standard” XML file format is planned to be used in two ways:

1) Download My Data / Upload My Data. Starting Feb 10, 2015, consumers can “Download My Data” (from participating utilities or Portfolio Manager) in the Green Button format. Then, with the Green Button file in hand, “Upload My Data” to another website (e.g. a participating energy service company).

2) Connect My Data. This is a data exchange protocol (like Portfolio Manager’s Data Exchange) which allows for the automatic transfer of energy bill data from a utility to a third party based on customer authorization. 

As a first step, Portfolio Manager will implemented Download My Data for electric meters. This means you can download your Portfolio Manager electric meter data in the Green Button XML file format (See: “How do I download my Portfolio Manager data in Green Button format?”). A use for this file might be a 3rd party vendor who offers energy consulting services and can upload your file to offer you efficiency recommendations.

As a future enhancement, we are considering adding Upload My Data to Portfolio Manager (where you would download the Green Button file from your utility, and upload it into Portfolio Manager.  EPA is also tracking Connect My Data.  However, the standard and certification process for Connect My Data are still under development by the Green Button consortium.

Learn more about Green Button at: http://www.greenbuttondata.org/

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