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How do I assign a weather station for a property that is not located in the United States or Canada? Follow

Users who create a property outside of the US or Canada may receive the warning message, "This property does not have a weather station assigned. Please set a weather station." 


To select a weather station:

  1. Go to the Energy tab for the property
  2. Scroll down to the Utility & Weather box (left side) and click Edit
  3. The Edit Weather Station and Utility Information page will open
  4. Using the Station ID drop-down menu, select the closest available option
    • If you aren't sure, use the "Map It" feature to view the stations on a map
  5. Click Save Selections

Why is it important to update your weather station? Weather normalization depends on accurate weather data, and for some countries EPA only has access to data from a few weather stations. The closer your property is to the city you select, the more accurate the weather normalization. You need to choose a weather station for your non-US properties to get a score.

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