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I don't have whole building energy data - what's being done to change this for the future? Follow

EPA is aware that one of the major barriers to benchmarking and improving the energy efficiency of certain property types with multiple individually metered tenants (such as multifamily, office, retail, and warehouse) is a lack of access to whole building measured energy data. While EPA cannot directly make that data available, we are participating in numerous meetings and activities aimed at engaging utilities in discussions regarding solutions to this ongoing challenge.  A number of utilities already provide this data to customers upon request, and many others are actively considering how they might do the same. But it is a process that will take some time.

We recommend building owners:

  • Reach out to your utility to express interest in being able to obtain such data.
  • Install a master meter on the property, if it is financially and technologically feasible.
  • Ask residents to provide the meter data upon request. This option works best when there aren’t too many tenants. To facilitate this, some landlords are including these requirements in leases. Or you can coordinate with your utility by getting a Tenant Release Form from all tenants.
  • Join the groups calling on utilities to make this data available. For more information, visit the Data Access and Transparency Alliance (DATA) at: http://www.energydataalliance.org/
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