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Is there a master list of enhancements EPA is considering? Follow

Yes, EPA is always collecting feedback and suggestions on Portfolio Manager which are added to our "Wish List." Below is a list of frequently requested items:

Account Management

  • Delete Account - Currently there isn't a way for you to delete your own Portfolio Manager account. However, EPA collects requests for deletion and deletes them once a quarter.


  • Add Green Power as % - Enter green power purchases as a percentage, e.g. "I am buying 30% green power" (currently you can only enter a kWh amount).
  • Waste Meters: Add "Recycled" Management option for Light Bulbs/Lamps – Currently, the only options for Light Bulbs is “Dispose.” Add “Recycle” as an option. While you aren’t technically recycling the light bulbs, you are “properly disposing” them, but the language we use is “recycle.”


  • Set Targets for Water & Waste - Set a target for water consumption and waste, similar to how you can now set a target for energy consumption.

Property Use Details

  • Start and End Dates for Property Uses -Add start/end dates to each Property Use (currently, you have to enter the new Property Use with zero Gross Floor Area (GFA) for all previous years).
  • Associate Meters - Allow child properties to associate a meter from their parent into their energy totals (currently, you can only associate a child meter to a parent property, not a parent meter to a child).


  • Historical Trend Graph. Add new line graphs to help visualize historical trends. 
  • Delete old Data Request Responses.
  • Customize the Graphs on the My Portfolio and Summary pages to select from a broader list.

Spreadsheet Uploads

  • Undo Import Spreadsheet - "Undo" a recently imported spreadsheet.
  • Correct Mistakes Import Spreadsheet

Connection and Sharing

  • Message Other Users - Send messages to other Portfolio Manager users with which you are connected, within the tool.
  • Customize Sharing Report - 1) select which properties to include; 2) select which columns to show.
  • Divide All Meters Permissions into Energy/Water/Waste - For custom sharing, allow options to share "all energy meters" "all waste meters" "all plant flow meters" and "all water meters." Right now you can only pick ALL meters, or select meters individually, you cannot pick all within a common group.

ENERGY STAR Certification

  • Paperless ENERGY STAR Certification: Update the ENERGY STAR certification application process so that it can be completed electronically (no printing and scanning).

Web Services

  • Registration - Enable account holders to un-register for live access.

If you have an additional idea or suggestion not in this list, send us your suggestion here.


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