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Is there a master list of enhancements EPA is considering? Follow

Yes, EPA is always collecting feedback and suggestions on Portfolio Manager which are added to our "Wish List." Below is a list of frequently requested items:

Account Management

  • Delete Account - Currently there isn't a way for you to delete your own Portfolio Manager account. However, EPA collects requests for deletion and deletes them once a quarter.


  • Add Green Power as % - Enter green power purchases as a percentage, e.g. "I am buying 30% green power" (currently you can only enter a kWh amount).

Property Use Details

  • Start and End Dates for Property Uses -Add start/end dates to each Property Use (currently, you have to enter the new Property Use with zero Gross Floor Area (GFA) for all previous years).
  • Associate Meters - Allow child properties to associate a meter from their parent into their energy totals (currently, you can only associate a child meter to a parent property, not a parent meter to a child).
  • Show Child Meters in Report Download - Include all associated meters in the "Download Property to Excel" (even if the meters are part of a child property). Also, add an option for Parent Properties to include all child buildings in this download. 


  • Historical Trend Graph. Add new line graphs to help visualize historical trends. 
  • Delete old Data Request Responses.

Spreadsheet Uploads

  • Undo Import Spreadsheet - "Undo" a recently imported spreadsheet.

Connection and Sharing

  • Message Other Users - Send messages to other Portfolio Manager users with which you are connected, within the tool.
  • Customize Sharing Report - 1) select which properties to include; 2) select which columns to show.

Web Services

  • Registration - Enable account holders to un-register for live access.

If you have an additional idea or suggestion not in this list, send us your suggestion here.


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