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What should I use for occupancy level if it fluctuates? Follow

The occupancy level is important to get right when applying for ENERGY STAR Certification for these three property types, which have a minimum occupancy requirement:

  • Office/Bank/Courthouse/Financial Center: <50%
  • Hotel: <55%
  • Multifamily: <75%

If you have one of these property types and the occupancy level fluctuates, calculate the average occupancy over a period of time (if you are applying for certification, the occupancy needs to be based on the year in your application). For example, if the property was 50% occupied for the first half of the year, then 100% occupied for the second half of the year, the occupancy level would be 75% for the year.

If you are not seeking certification for one of these property types, don’t overthink it (though it is required, so enter a good guess and move on). Your occupancy rate does not affect your score or any of your metrics.

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