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Can I change a Property Use Type? Follow

No. It's not currently possible to change a Property Use Type once it has been created (ex: change from Retail to Office).

As a work-around, you can delete the old Property Use and add a new Property Use (or add the square footage to an existing property type).

To make this change:

  1. Open the property to the Details tab. 
  2. Locate the Property Use you wish to replace and gather (print or write down) its Property Use Details, so  you can copy them to the new Property Use.
  3. Return to the Details tab and use the Add Another Type of Use drop-down menu to select the appropriate new Property Use.
  4. To the right of this drop-down menu, click Add.
  5. Enter the Property Use Details (hours of operation, gross floor area, etc.).  You may need to edit the Current As Of date selected.
  6. Click Save Use.
  7. Return to the Details tab and find the Property Use you want to remove. Under the Action column, select Delete use. A warning notification will pop up.  This deletion is permanent.
  8. Click Continue to delete the incorrect Property Use.
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