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How do I determine Number of Commercial Refrigeration/Freezer Units? Follow

Number of Commercial Refrigeration/Freezer Units is the total Number of Open or Closed Refrigeration/Freezer Units plus the total Number of Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezer Units.
  • The Number of Open or Closed Refrigeration/Freezer Units is the count of open or closed cases that are used for the sale or storage of perishable goods. This includes display-type refrigerated open or closed cases and cabinets as well as display-type freezer units typically found on a sales floor. Each case or cabinet section, typically 4 to 12 feet in length, should be considered 1 unit. Include those cases located inside and immediately adjacent to the building. These units may be portable or permanent, and may have doors, plastic strips, or other flexible cover. This count should not include vending machines.
  • The Number of Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezer Units is the total count of walk-in units at the property. Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezers are typically very large units located in storage areas or commercial kitchens that would not be accessible to all building occupants. This count should only include large storage units that a person actually walks into in order to store or retrieve perishable goods.
In addition, please note these specific property type considerations:
  • Hotels
    • You may include Ice Makers in this count.
    • Do not include minibar refrigerators.
  • Worship Facility – This count should reflect commercial sized units that are often associated with food storage and preparation for community events. The count should include commercial sized units only, and should not include any residential-type units.
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