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How do I determine Number of Computers? Follow

The Number of Computers should be a count of your:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Chromebooks/Netbooks
  • Servers

Do not count these items as a Computer:

  • Thin clients and towers
  • Monitors (even if one computer has multiple monitors)
  • TVs or flat screen TV Monitors
  • Tablets/iPads*
  • ATM machines
  • Building Controller devices
  • Slot machines
  • UPSs
  • Cash registers

In addition, please note these specific property type considerations:

  • K-12 School – The count should only reflect computers that are owned by and charged at the school. It should not include any computers that are brought onsite by students or staff, or any computers regularly brought home by students.
  • Senior Care Community – The count should reflect computers used in administrative areas, computers in common areas available for residents and visitors, and wall-mounted computers in resident units for medical purposes. This count should not include any computers owned by residents that may be present in individual apartments or rooms. This is a count of computers only and should not include other electronic or medical equipment.

*Why aren't tablet computers counted?

EPA is aware that companies are increasingly replacing PCs and/or cash registers with tablet computers. However, the reference data set used to develop the ENERGY STAR scores did not include data on tablet computers.  Therefore, entering tablets as PCs would not provide an accurate score. 

EPA will revisit this question in 2017 when we update our models with the new CBECS data.


This policy was updated December 2016.




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