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What are default values? When are they available? Follow

Default values are available for a subset of Property Use Details (where the Property Type can get a score  and that Use Detail is used in the score calculation). This was designed to help you get a quick score, when you don’t know the exact values for your Property Use Details. However, you should always go back and enter the actual values for your property to obtain the most accurate score. 

When you first create a new property (or Property Use), if Default Values are available, you can check the box to “Use Default Value.” If you “Save” without entering a value, Portfolio Manager will automatically populate any Default Values that exist.

Default values are derived from the sample population that was used to create each score. As a result, they often contain decimals which might look strange (ex: Number of Workers = 45.65).

Note, there is never a default for Gross Floor Area (GFA), because GFA is needed to understand your basic property function and populate other default values. Although the US and Canada rely on different national surveys, the same default values (based on the US population) are applied for all properties, regardless of country.


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