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Can I get a score if my Data Center is not separately metered? Follow

Yes. There are three benchmarking options that will result in a score today (and one additional option coming Aug 2018**):

    1. Measure/meter IT Energy. Invest in a new meter to separately meter your IT energy. This will give you the most accurate ENERGY STAR score, and provide you with the most valuable information to help you effectively manage energy in your data center. More information on how to measure IT energy.
    2. Reclassify the Data Center Property Use to another Property Use type and DELETE the Data Center Property Use and IT meter.
      • You can either add a new Property Use (ex: office) with the same square footage as the data center, or add the data center square footage to your primary Property Use. Count the servers as PCs. If the property’s primary Property Use does not track PCs, the data center should be reclassified as “Office.”  If you create a new Office Property Use, enter:
        • Weekly Operating Hours - typically 168 hours
        • Number of Workers on Main Shift - enter 1 (because you need at least 1 for an Office Use)
        • Number of Computers - enter the count of PCs and servers. PCs and servers should each be counted only once (e.g. one server counts as 1).
      • Because you are deleting the Data Center Property Use your ENERGY STAR score will likely decrease (because Data Centers use more energy than Offices). If you received ENERGY STAR certification and your score change is enough to make you no longer eligible, don’t worry, your previous certifications will still be valid and the score on EPA’s Building Registry will not change.
      • EPA recommends this option (if Option 1 is not possible) because it will provide a fair and consistent comparison of your property over time.
      • This is a good option if:
    3. Enter user-calculated estimated data for IT energy consumption. This option is NOT acceptable for the ENERGY STAR certification, but it will enable you to continue to see a score for benchmarking purposes. To do this, mark each energy bill for the IT meter as an “Estimation."
      • Make sure your IT meter type is “Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Output Meter.”
      • This is a good option if:
        • your score is below 75 and/or you are not pursing ENERGY STAR certification
        • you plan to monitor this IT energy separately in the future

**Beginning Aug 2018, you will have the option to use Estimated IT energy to get a score and certification. Stay tuned for more details.

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