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My Data Center moved in (or out). Can I get certification now? Or do I have to wait a year? Follow

You need at least 9 months of IT energy data to be eligible for certification. This means that you can apply for certification:

  • 9 months after your new Data Center moves in
  • within the first 3 months after your Data Center moves out. After the Data Center has been gone for 3 months though, you need to wait an additional 9 months to be eligible for certification (at which point the Data Center has been gone for a total of 12 months).

Why? This requirement is based on the methodology for computing a score.  For a Data Center, the annual IT energy (12 months) is a measure of data center size, similar to square foot for an office.  If you have fewer than 12 months of IT energy, it is difficult for us to assess the size/capacity of the Data Center and compute your score.  Because we know that Data Centers enter and leave properties over time, we’ve set a limit at 9 months to provide you with flexibility while maintaining the integrity of the score.

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