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Can I get a score for my new Data Center... or do I have to wait a year? Follow

In order to get a valid score for a Data Center, you need 12 months of data. One of the inputs used to compute the Data Center score is Annual IT Energy, so until we have an annual value we cannot provide a score.

During your first 12 months of benchmarking you have 3 options:

  1. Create the Data Center Property Use as if has existed for a full year BEFORE it actually moved in. Enter 0 Gross Floor Area (GFA) for the Data Center and 0 kWh for the meter bills for the months before you have real data – with at least 12 full months of data. This “work-around” will result in a slightly inflated score. Your property is not eligible for certification with this option.
  2. Wait 12 months for a score. Create a new Property Use for your Data Center, and start entering your IT energy. Once you have the full 12 months of data, you will get a score for your property including it’s Data Center (this is the most accurate option).
  3. Track the Data Center as an Office for the first year. This option will enable you to see a score, and track your building over the first 12 months, and earn certification, but it will most likely be a conservative estimate because Data Centers generally use more energy than Offices.
    • For the first 12 months:
      • Create a new Property Use for your Data Center, but choose the Office property type instead of the Data Center property type. Enter the Property Use Details (Open 24 hours, Number of PCs = the number of your servers).
      • Adjust your GFA. Edit the GFA of your primary Office Property Use to subtract the new Office/Data Center Property Use so that your total property GFA is still correct.
      • Create a Revision History. All uses must have valid data for all time periods, so for the years prior to the installation of your Office/Data Center you will need to have a Use History Log for the building, showing the use as being 0 GFA before it existed.
      • Track your IT Energy as a regular electric meter.
    • Once you have 12 months of IT energy:
      • Create a new Property Use for your Data Center. Enter the Property Use Details (the “Current As Of” date will be the date the Data Center actually opened a year earlier).
      • Create a Revision History. When you enter the Property Use Details for the Data Center (Gross Floor Area, IT Energy Configuration, etc.) you will need to create a Use History Log to set the Data Center as 0 square feet for earlier years (the years between when the building was built and when the Data Center opened), with a revision to the actual square foot on the date when you opened your new Data Center. See this FAQ for more details on how to create a revision history.
      • Add a new IT Energy meter and enter all of your IT energy data that have been tracking on an electric meter.
      • Delete the old electric meter that had been tracking your IT energy.
      • Delete the old Property Use of Office that you were using as a placeholder for your Data Center
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