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Which tool should an industrial plant use to benchmark energy use? Follow

Industrial plants should use EPA’s sector-specific Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) to benchmark energy performance against the industry, if an EPI exists for your sector. See www.energystar.gov/epis.

If no EPI is available for your sector, then we recommend one of these ENERGY STAR tools depending on how you use the majority of your plant energy:

  • If more than 50% of your energy is tied to manufacturing equipment, processes, and production volumes, use the Energy Tracking Tool (www.energystar.gov/ETT).

Both the Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) and the Energy Tracking Tool (ETTs) track energy on a production based metric (e.g. mmBtu/unit of product). Portfolio Manager tracks energy on a sq ft basis (kWh/sq ft). 

More information for industrial plants: www.energystar.gov/industry.

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