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How do I classify a boarding school? Follow

A boarding school is a school where students (and sometimes staff) live on campus during the school year. A boarding school should be classified differently from other K-12 schools. When benchmarking a boarding school:

  • All spaces that serve normal K-12 functions should be entered as a “K-12 school” property use. If you have a campus with many school buildings, you can enter them either as a single "multi-building" property or several child properties on a campus. As long as all of the energy use of all K-12 spaces is accounted for, this “K-12 school” campus is eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Residence halls for students should be entered as "Residence Hall/Dormitory."
  • Faculty residences should be entered as single family homes, or multifamily housing, or another property type that most closely fits.

If this is too complicated and you don't care about getting an ENERGY STAR score or certification, you can also benchmark the entire boarding school together as “Other – Education.” In this case, the school would not be eligible to receive ENERGY STAR certification.

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