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How do I classify a boarding school? Follow

Note: a boarding school is a school where students (and sometimes staff) live on campus during the school year. 

A boarding school should be classified differently from other K-12 schools. When benchmarking a boarding school, you have two options:

  1. You can benchmark the entire school (all buildings, including residence halls) together as “Other – Education.” In this case, the school would not be eligible to receive ENERGY STAR certification.
  2. You can benchmark individual sections of the school, as follows:
    • All buildings that serve normal K-12 functions should be benchmarked as separate buildings with “K-12 school” property uses defined. Each building can then be added to a parent property. As long as all energy use in each building is accounted for, this “K-12 school” parent/campus property is eligible for ENERGY STAR certification. If each "K-12 School" building has all energy use sub-metered and entered at the building level, then any individual "K-12 School" are also eligible for ENERGY STAR certification
    • Residence halls for students should be benchmarked separately (as individual buildings, not as a group). If each residence hall has all energy use sub-metered and entered, it can get a score, but residence halls are not currently eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.
    • Faculty residences should also be benchmarked separately, as individual buildings. They can be entered as single family homes or multi-unit apartment buildings, or any other property type that most closely fits.
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