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Is it low, mid, or high-rise? Follow

Residential units in Multifamily Housing should be classified based on the building they’re in, not the floor they’re on.

  • If you have a 12 story building with 100 units, all the units would be considered high-rise.
  • If you have two towers, Tower A has 4 floors and 16 units, and Tower B has 6 floors and 30 units, then you would enter 16 units as low-rise, and 30 units as mid-rise.
  • If you have a 20-story building with Multifamily housing on floors 1-5 and an office on floors 6-20: you have a 20 story building the units should be entered as high-rise, regardless of what floor they’re on. In this example, you would enter two Property Use Types, with their associated Gross Floor Area: Multifamily Housing & Office.
  • If you have an above-ground parking with multifamily above, the parking counts as a story. For example, if you have one level of above-ground parking followed by 4 floors of multifamily housings, this building would be considered Mid-rise with 5 stories. Below-ground parking does not count as a story.


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