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What's the difference between Multifamily and Senior Care? Follow

Senior Care Community refers to buildings that house and provide care and assistance for elderly residents. It applies to nursing homes (skilled nursing facilities) and assisted living facilities and is not intended for retirement communities that offer only independent living – a community with only independent living should benchmark under the Multifamily property use.

However, it is common for Senior Care Communities to include a mix of different living options, including both independent living, assisted living, and/or skilled nursing. In these situations, benchmarking guidance depends on the percent of living units designated as skilled nursing/assisted living:

  • If more than 50% of the units in a community are skilled nursing and/or assisted living, the entire property should be benchmarked as a Senior Care Community. You can use one property use to characterize all activities at the community, including any independent living that may be present.
  • If 50% or more of the units are independent living, the property should be benchmarked using both the Senior Care Community and Multifamily property uses. In this situation, the floor area of hallways and units for assisted living and any community areas specifically used to assist residents (e.g. nursing stations, exam rooms, physical therapy rooms, etc.) should be benchmarked with the Senior Care Community property use. The floor area of hallways and units for independent living along with any open common areas that are used by residents of both the independent and the nursing/assisted living units (e.g. game rooms or restaurants) should be benchmarked with the Multifamily property use.
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