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Which property types are eligible for an ENERGY STAR score/certification? Follow

The following property types are eligible for an ENERGY STAR score and can earn certification in the US:

  • Bank Branch
  • Barracks**
  • Courthouse
  • Dormitory/Residence Hall**
  • Financial Office
  • Data Center (as a building itself only, not within a facility)
  • K-12 School
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Medical Office**
  • Multifamily Housing
  • Office
  • Residence Hall/Dormitory**
  • Retail Store
  • Senior Care Community
  • Supermarket/Grocery Store
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center
    • Distribution Center
    • Non-Refrigerated Warehouse
    • Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant**
  • Wholesale Club/Super-center
  • Worship Facility

All property types may use Portfolio Manager to track energy consumption. Here's a list of all the property types tracked in Portfolio Manager, if you don't have one of these, use "Other."

**Barracks, Medical Office, Residence Halls/Dormitory and Wastewater Treatment Plants are NOT eligible for ENERGY STAR Certification, however they can get a score.

EPA is always working to develop new scores (for certification) for additional segments of the commercial building market.


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