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My property consists of multiple buildings, only one of which is a Worship facility. Follow

If your property consists of a collection of buildings, then you are encouraged to sub-meter the energy consumption of each building and enter the buildings as separate properties

If you are unable to sub-meter the individual buildings, then you should enter the entire collection of buildings as one property (a campus). For your Property Type, choose the one that is the majority of your Gross Floor Area (ex: Worship, K-12, Preschool, Social/Meeting Hall, Lodging, etc.). Be sure to indicate that this property is a multiple building campus (you will be asked when you set up the property, or you can edit on the Details tab under Edit "Basic Information").

Please note, only a few Property Types can get a score or certification as a campus, so you will likely not be able to get a score or certification. K-12 Schools are an exception, if more than 50% of your Campus is K-12 you may be able to get a score.

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