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What charts, graphs, and reports are available? Follow

These are the options on the Reporting tab:

Charts & Graphs (upper left of Reporting tab)
  • ENERGY STAR score
  • Source EUI
  • Site EUI
  • Weather Normalized Source EUI
  • Weather Normalized Site EUI
  • Total GHG Emissions Intensity
  • Energy Cost Intensity
  • Indoor Water Intensity
  • Indoor Water Cost Intensity
Performance Documents (upper right of Reporting tab)
Standard Report Templates (bottom half of Reporting Tab)
  • Energy Performance
  • Emissions Performance
  • Fuel Performance
  • Water Performance
  • Waste Performance
  • Sustainable Buildings Checklist Report
  • Performance Highlights
  • Partner of the Year Report
  • ENERGY STAR Certification Status

You can also create custom reports, where you select the metrics.

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