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How do I share a report template? Follow

You can share a report templates 2 ways:

  1. Share the report template within Portfolio Manager: you can do this as long as you are connected to all the people you want to share with. Once the other person “Accepts” the template, it will be in their account.
  2. Create a url to share by email: If you want to send a report template to a group which includes unconnected contacts, you can create a url for the report template and send it via email. When others click on the url in their email, a copy of your report template will be copied into their Portfolio Manager account.
    • When you make an edit to a report template that you've already created a url for, your edit will be updated automatically to the existing url. But if someone already downloaded it, they won’t get the update.
    • A good practice would be to update the name of the file with a version number so that your users will know if they have downloaded the most up-to-date version. Example, you put out a report and call it "2013 Reporting Stats - v1." Then you realize you left something out, you update the file and change the name of the file to "2013 Reporting Stats - v2." Then you can tell people to make sure they have "v2." If they've already downloaded the file, they will be able to see they have "v1." If they hadn't downloaded it, they will get "v2" and know they've got the right file. 
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