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What is a target and how do I set one? Follow

A target is an energy efficiency goal that you set for your property. You can set a target as:

  • an ENERGY STAR Score (ex: Target = Score of 80)
  • % Better Than Baseline (ex: Target = 20% better than Baseline)
  • % Better Than Median (ex: Target = 20% better than the National Median)

To change your target:

  • You can change an individual building's target on the Goals Tab (under "Current Baselines & Targets").
  • You can change the Target for ALL of your properties from the My Portfolio tab (lower left, "Set a portfolio baseline and/or target")

Portfolio Manager calculates the following metrics based on your target, which can be pulled into Custom Reports:

  • Target ENERGY STAR Score
  • Target % Better Than Median Source EUI
  • Target Site Energy Use (kBtu)
  • Target Source Energy Use (kBtu)
  • Target Site EUI (kBtu/ft²)
  • Target Source EUI (kBtu/ft²)
  • Target Water/Wastewater Site EUI (kBtu/gpd)
  • Target Water/Wastewater Source EUI (kBtu/gpd)
  • Target Energy Cost ($)
  • Target Total GHG Emissions (Metric Tons CO2e)

Currently, target metrics are only available for energy. Water and Waste targets are on our Wish List.

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