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Am I able to exchange data with a property after it has been transferred to a new property data administrator (PDA) account? Follow

Your ability to continue exchanging data will depend on the choice made by the receiving account.

When a user attempts to transfer a property from one account to another, the receiving account has the option to either accept or reject the transfer. If a transferred property was previously shared with a web services provider with whom the receiving account is not yet connected, the receiving account is prompted by Portfolio Manager with three options should they choose to accept the transfer:

1) Accept the transfer and issue a connection request to the web services provider account in order to maintain provider access to the property. In this case, the recipient must accept the provider’s terms and conditions and provide data for any custom fields required by the provider.

2) Postpone the transfer. In this case, the transfer will remain “pending” (unaccepted) until the connection request is submitted and accepted. The original share between the account attempting to transfer and the provider remains unaffected.

3) Accept the transfer, but remove the provider’s access to the property. This removes the web service provider’s access to the property.

If the receiving account chooses option 1, the transfer does not interrupt your account's access to the property and its meters, meaning you will still be able to exchange data with the property. If the receiving account chooses option 2, the transfer remains pending and your access remains in place. If the user chooses option 3, however, your access will be removed.

For more information please see the Ongoing Share Management section of our Connection and Sharing document.

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