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What notification do I receive when my access to a property and/or meter is edited? Follow

Your account’s access level to a property or meter can be changed or revised at any time by 1) the property data administrator (PDA) account, 2) any other Portfolio Manager account with full access to the property, and 3) the account that directly shared the property/meter with you (even if that account does not fall into the previous two categories). When a user makes edits to your access, such as editing your permissions to individual meters, or editing your permissions to a property, you will receive a notification for each edit made via GET /notification/list, please see the example below:




<description>[Insert Property/Meter Name]- Access level revised to Exchange Data by [Insert editor’s name].








The account ID in this notification will be the account ID of the account that edited your access. If you realize that you are not connected with the account that edited your access, you can submit a connection request to that account using the account ID in the notification.

To understand how your access level for the specific property was affected, users can run a GET /property web service to view the current granted shared access level.


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