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When a customer uses share forward to share a property with me, whose account information do I see in the share request? Follow

Portfolio Manager allows users to “Share Forward,” or share a property that was shared with them. For example, a property owner may share a property with a consultant, and in turn the consultant executes a web services share with a utility or energy information services provider. In Portfolio Manager, the account in which the property record was originally created is called the “Property Data Administrator” (PDA). All web service shares, whether originated by the PDA or by a “middleman,” will be accessed subsequently by the web service provider by calling the PDA’s account ID. A share notification will always list the PDA’s account ID in the &ltaccountID&gt field. In addition, share audit information is included with each pending share request. The and fields will identify the account that generated the share, allowing you to determine whether a share request was initiated by the PDA or by a “middleman” account. Middleman accounts can also be identified after the share has been accepted by using the GET /Metrics web service to access the metric.

For more information please see the Share Forward section of our Connection and Sharing document.



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