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How should I display ENERGY STAR metrics in my software? Follow

Displaying ENERGY STAR® Metrics in Your Energy Information Software

Please follow the guidance below to properly display the ENERGY STAR energy performance score and associated metrics from Portfolio Manager in your energy information software and services.

1. Only use the landscape-format version of the ENERGY STAR Promotional Mark (stating “Learn more at energystar.gov”). This is the only mark that is approved for use within a software package. Do not modify or edit the logo in any way.

2. Insert the registered trademark symbol (®) next to the first ENERGY STAR reference.

3. Display Portfolio Manager metrics with appropriate descriptions and units. Also consider displaying building characteristics (primary function, size, occupancy characteristics, etc) to help qualify results.

4. Include a link to the Portfolio Manager Glossary so that users can learn more about individual metrics. Portfolio Manager Glossary: https://portfoliomanager.energystar.gov/pm/glossary

5. When displaying the ENERGY STAR score, include the 12-monthly period ending date that is associated with the score. Do not refer to the score as a “rating”.

For additional information regarding logo use, visit the ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines:


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