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What is your plan for maintaining and upgrading Portfolio Manager and the associated application programming interface? Follow

EPA has committed to maintain, update, and enhance Portfolio Manager with new features and functionality over time. These upgrades will affect the graphical user interface, and/or the underlying database structure; such changes may necessitate new web services or changes to existing web services so that the API can utilize this new functionality. Recognizing this, EPA’s move to REST-based web services architecture and schema design was chosen to offer users a flexible and less fragile system integration. You should anticipate, however, that periodic changes by us will necessitate changes by you to continue to use the API to exchange data with new versions of Portfolio Manager.

The following is our plan for making changes to Portfolio Manager and the API;

Any changes which necessitate a change to web services schemas will be released biannually, in February and August (considered major releases). In order to allow you to review these changes and prepare and test your system, we will be providing technical documentation, annotated schemas, and a beta test environment for any of these new or changing services at least two months in advance of a major release (December and June).  When possible, to allow for a longer transition period EPA is committed to keeping services that are currently in production online and supported for at least 6 months after any service changes have been launched.  We are striving for 100% backwards-compatibility with prior versions of our XML schemas to ensure that services still function, with minimal rework involved, until the service itself or part of the service is no longer supported.

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