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What are alert icons? Follow

Alert icons ( ! ) are red exclamation points that draw your attention to a potential problem. They appear on the tab titles and are designed to help you quickly find and resolve data errors.

Alert icons are limited to the most critical elements of your data that can prevent you from seeing basic metrics like Site EUI. You will see “Not Available” instead.

Alert icons are shown in the following situations:

  • Property has no energy meters.
  • No meters selected for performance metrics.
  • Do not have at least one meter active for each of the 12 months.
  • Meter(s) with gaps in bills.
  • Meter(s) with overlaps in bills.
  • Data Center Use(s) without IT Energy meters.
  • Water or Wastewater plants without Plant Flow meters.
  • Property has no uses.
  • The property type selected does not match the type calculated by EPA.
  • Gross Floor Area mismatch (entered vs. calculated).

The only way to remove the alert icon is to fix the problem.

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