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How do I delete a contact? Follow

There are two kinds of contacts:

      • Connected Contacts are contacts where you are "connected" to their Portfolio Manager account (like Facebook Friends) - The equivalent of "deleting" is "unconnecting" with them. To disconnect, go to the Contacts page, click on their name to bring up their contact page, then click "Disconnect" in the upper, right corner.

      • NOTE: if you have shared properties with this person, disconnecting will not remove the shared properties from their account. You will need to remove the shares separately.
    • Unconnected Contacts are people who you created a contact record for. An example would be if you need to create a contact for your Licensed Professional who certifies your ENERGY STAR application, but he/she doesn't have a Portfolio Manager account. To delete these contacts, go to the Contacts page, click the box to the left of their name, then click "Delete" at either the top or bottom of the page.
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