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Someone left my company, how can I get access to their buildings in Portfolio Manager? Follow

There are a couple options for getting access to this property:

1) The fastest solution is to directly contact your former colleague ask that they transfer the properties to your account.

2) If you are unable to contact this individual and we can verify in the database that both accounts are registered under the same company, EPA can transfer the properties on behalf of the former owner.  Send us a request through our "Ask A Question" form - be sure to include both Portfolio Manager usernames and which properties you want transferred.

3) If you already have shared access to the property, then you can use the copy function to make your own copy of this property. You will be the Property Data Administrator (PDA) of the newly created property.

To avoid similar complications and/or delays in the future, EPA strongly recommends implementing one of the following procedures:

  • Create a corporate account which "owns" all of the properties and have an administrator share properties with employees' individual accounts as necessary.  When an employee leaves, this main corporate account can "unshare" with her/him.  It can then share with the account of the person taking over the position.
  • Ensure that all properties are transferred to the appropriate new property data owner before an employee leaves.
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