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Why don't I have the option to apply for certification? Follow

To determine the reason that you aren't able to apply for certification, click on the button next to your score that says: "Not eligible to apply for ENERGY STAR Certification" on the top right of the property's page.

Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • A score of 75 or higher
  • Property Use Details cannot have any "default" values.
  • Properties cannot use "Estimations" for any of its meter data.
  • Properties must be marked as a "Single" building on the Details tab, under "Basic Information."
    • With a few exceptions: Hospital, K12 School, Senior Care Community, Multifamily and Hotel can be either Single building or More than one building
  • Properties must meet certain occupancy requirements:
    • Offices - at least 50% occupied
    • Hotels - at least 55% occupied
    • Multifamily - at least 75% occupied
    • K-12 Schools - open at least 8 months of the year
  • Properties must have all of its energy accounted for (this means that on the Meter Configuration screen you must answer: "These meter(s) account for the total energy consumption for this property.")
  • Properties must be located in the United States or in one of its U.S. territories, or be a U.S-owned building in another country.
  • Twelve months must elapse from the "Year Ending" date of the previously approved ENERGY STAR application.
  • Your "Energy Current" date must be within 120 days from today’s date (you need to submit the application within 120 days of the Period Ending Date).

Here is a list of property type-specific eligibility criteria.

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