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I have a 75, but I don't have the option to apply. Why? Follow

To determine the reason that you aren't able to apply for certification, click on the button next to your score that says: "Not eligible to apply for ENERGY STAR Certification" on the top right of the property's page.

Here are some of the common reasons that properties are not eligible for ENERGY STAR certification:

  • Property Use Details cannot have any "default" values.
  • Properties cannot use "Estimations" for any of its meter data.
  • Properties must be marked as a "Single" building on the Details tab, under "Basic Information."
    • Exception: Hospital, K12 School, Senior Care Community, Multifamily and Hotel can be either Single building or More than one building
  • Properties must meet certain occupancy requirements:
    • Offices - at least 50% occupied
    • Hotels - at least 55% occupied
    • Multifamily - at least 75% occupied
    • K-12 Schools - open at least 8 months of the year
  • Properties must have all of its energy accounted for (this means that on the Meter Configuration screen you must answer: "These meter(s) account for the total energy consumption for this property.")
  • Properties must be located in the United States or in one of its U.S. territories, or be a U.S-owned building in another country.
  • Twelve months must elapse from the "Year Ending" date of the previously approved ENERGY STAR application.
  • Your "Energy Current" date must be within 120 days from today’s date (you need to submit the application within 120 days of the Period Ending Date).

Here is a list of property type-specific eligibility criteria.

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