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When can I re-apply for certification? Follow

In most cases, you are eligible to re-apply for ENERGY STAR certification 11 months after the "Year Ending" date of your last approved application. For example, if you received certification for the "Year Ending" March 2016 (4/1/2015 – 3/31/2016), your next eligible "Year Ending" date will be February 2017 (3/1/2016 – 2/28/2017).

Because the year on your ENERGY STAR certification is based on the date when your application is approved, regardless of your "Year Ending" date, we allow some flexibility to make sure you can get consecutive certifications. If you submitted an application with a "Year Ending" date between Aug 2016 and December 2016, AND you were awarded certification for the 2016 label year, your next eligible “Year Ending” date is July 2017.

If you've already earned 2017 certification, your next eligible period will be 11 months after your previous  "Year Ending" date. You can submit your application anytime, but it will be put on hold until we start processing 2018 certifications in January 2018.

The process for re-certifications is the same as the initial certification, and another site visit by an LP is required.


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