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I'm getting an eligibility alert for my property that doesn't apply. What should I do? Follow

Eligibility alerts do not necessarily prevent you from applying or earning certification. They are meant to alert you to possible issues with your property prior to submitting the application, and to allow you to provide an explanation for your application, if necessary.

If the alert is about your Data Center IT Energy Verification, be sure to enter a thorough explanation. For certification, we need to confirm that:

  • the IT energy meter is located at the UPS output (or PDU input in certain cases)
  • the IT energy meter captures IT loads only (lighting, HVAC, security, etc. should not be included on the IT meter)
  • the IT energy is captured by the main building energy meters – Portfolio Manager understands IT energy meters are sub-meters, so the energy they capture should not be excluded or subtracted from the main energy meters.
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