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What is the role of the LP? Is there an LP checklist? Follow

The Licensed Professional (LP) is responsible for verifying the completeness and correctness of an ENERGY STAR application, specifically:

  • Whole Property Data (Gross Floor Area, Primary Function, Annual Occupancy, etc)
  • Property Use Details (Weekly Operating Hours, Number of Workers, etc)
  • 12 months of energy bill data
  • Indoor Environmental Conditions (lighting, thermal comfort, and air quality)

The LP (or a designated representative) must make a site visit to the property to verify the accuracy of what is in the application.

We don't have specific one-size-fits-all checklist or guidance requiring a specific number/type of measurements. (We do have an LP Guide).  There will always be professional judgement on the part of the LP in determining the best approach for verification of a specific building.

An important aspect of the LP review is to make sure that the indoor environment (lighting, ventilation, thermal comfort) has not been compromised to lower the energy bills.  There are many ways to assess these factors, from looking at specific equipment specifications, taking measurements in different locations, and looking for visual indications of occupant discomfort (switches permanently disabled, etc).   

The ASHRAE standards provide the key guidelines for acceptable industry practice.  But, even the standards do not have a single right/wrong test. There is not one specific set of measurements or ventilation rate that must be met for ENERGY STAR certification. These requirements inherently require discretion of the LP when visiting the site to determine the best application. ASHRAE 62.1 includes both a ventilation rate procedure and an indoor air quality procedure.  One is based on the capacity of the equipment while the other relies on measurements for specific contaminants of concern. There is neither a right or a wrong way to apply this standard in a building. Rather, the LP is responsible for reviewing the property and the standard and determining the best approach.

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