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How do I input my building's CTS ID into Portfolio Manager? Follow

Portfolio Manager allows you to use any of three different methods to enter data. Each can be used to input the CTS ID, known in the tool as the “U.S. Agency Designated Covered Facility ID” for your building for release to the Federal Energy Management Program’s Compliance Tracking System (CTS).

1)     Manual Entry

In order to enter the CTS ID manually for your building in Portfolio Manager, you’ll start by clicking to open up a property from the starting My Portfolio tab.

Once you’ve opened the property, you’ll click on the Details tab, scroll down to the Unique Identifiers (IDs) box on the left, and click Edit.


On the resulting Property Identifiers screen, scroll down to the Standard IDs box and select “U.S. Agency Designated Covered Facility ID” from the dropdown menu, and enter the appropriate value for your building. You will also need to add in your building’s U.S. Federal Real Property Unique Identifier here, which is an individual building-level ID. Once you’ve added all of the necessary IDs, click Save.


2)      Upload Templates

You can add CTS IDs to your properties in bulk via spreadsheet upload template. To start, scroll down to the bottom of the opening My Portfolio tab and click “upload and/or update multiple properties.”

On the next screen, select Create an Upload Template.


You’ll then select Edit Basic Property Information for Existing Properties, select the properties for which you need to input IDs, and click Create & Download Template.


After downloading the document, go to the Property ID’s tab to enter the necessary federal IDs for each property along with any other information you’d like to update.

Once you’ve completed and saved the Spreadsheet upload template, specify the type of spreadsheet you’re uploading on the Upload page, browse for the completed upload template file on your computer or network, and click Upload.


3)      Portfolio Manager Web Services

The third option is to work with a third party software provider to automatically upload your agency’s building data into Portfolio Manager and download metrics. You can find a list of our active providers and their contact information here
and access our web services homepage for more information.


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