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What data is required to set up a meter? Follow

The following data is required to set up a meter:

  • Meter Type (Electricity, gas, propane, etc.)
  • Number of Meters
  • Units (kWh, therms, etc.). Click in the box below “Units” to activate the input mode.
  • Date Meter Became Active – this is the date the meter came online, but its best to enter the date of the first bill you have. If the "Date Meter Became Active" does not match your first Bill Date, you will get a warning message.

To manually set up a meter, use our Meter Wizard which is a 3-page modal.

The third page of the Meter Wizard asks for meter consumption data, which is not required. You can choose not to enter any data on this page. Some users may want to set up a meter, but not add any meter consumption data because their utility or energy service provider will add meter bills for them by exchanging data with Portfolio Manager.

When you've finished entering your data, be sure to click “Finish Meter Set Up.”

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