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How do I enter my corporate RECs? Follow

Portfolio Manager does not currently have a way to attribute RECs to a corporate portfolio.

If your company purchases RECs as part of a sustainability strategy and the RECs are not directly linked to any individual property or kWh, you can decide how to allocate the RECs to your individual properties.

For example, say your company has a corporate policy to purchase 50% green power. You have 5 properties, and each property uses 100 kWh annually (total energy use is 500 kWh annually). Your company will purchase 250 kWh worth of RECs for the year.

Because the purchase of these RECs is not directly bundled with a utility bill, you may choose how to allocate these 250 kWh of RECs among your 5 properties. Here are 2 options.

See this FAQ for details on how to enter these RECs.

For more information on Green Power, refer to our Technical Reference on Green Power.

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