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Can I change my energy meter type? Follow

No. Unfortunately, you cannot edit your energy meter type (or waste meter type).

As a work-around, you can download your existing meter data (see instructions below), then create a new meter with the appropriate meter type and upload your meter consumption data into it.

  1. Download your Meter to Excel
    • Go to the Energy (or Water) tab
    • Click on the Meter Name that has the problem
    • At the bottom of this page, click “Download to Excel”
    • Keep this Excel file open for now
  2. Add Another Meter with the correct meter type.
    • Go back to the Energy (or Water) tab
    • Click "Add a Meter" (blue icon)
    • Select the meter type, and any other relevant information, and click “Get Started”
    • On the next screen, click under "Units" to enter the Units.
    • Enter the “Date Meter became Active” (it should be the date of the first meter entry you plan to enter/track)
    • Click “Create Meters”
  3. Copy and Paste your meter bill
    • Go back to the Excel file and copy all the data (exclude the header rows)
    • Back to the Meter Wizard, "Click to add an entry" and paste (using "Paste Special") into the first data field
    • Click Continue at the bottom of the page
  4. Include this meter in your Metrics. At this point you will be taken to a page to say whether or not this new meter should be included in your metrics.
    • As a default, it will be included
    • To complete and create the new meter, click “Apply Selection”
  5. Double Check the new meter. Go back to your Energy tab to make sure all the meter consumption data is included for your new meter.
  6. Delete your old meter with the wrong meter type.


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