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Why is my meter getting an error message? Follow

The top reasons meters get error messages are:

  1. Meter entry dates entered incorrectly. Go back and double check all meter dates to ensure they are entered correctly, in the MM/DD/YYYY format. A common mistake is to have a meter entry with a date of 2071 instead of 2017.

  2. Meter active date doesn’t match first bill date. The Date Meter Became Active is the date the meter came online, but its best to enter the date of the first bill you have. If the "Date Meter Became Active" does not match your first Bill Date, you will get a warning message. More information here.

  3. Meter dates overlap. If meter dates overlap (1/1/2017-2/1/2017 and 1/30/2017-3/1/2017, for example), go back and review the meter’s utility bill and edit one of the entries to remove the overlapping days from one of the meter entries.

  4. Gaps in Data:
    1. If you are unsure of your start and end dates, please enter exactly what your utility bill states. Some bills end date is the same as the next bills start date, and that is OK to enter into Portfolio Manager.
    2. If you are missing a couple of days creating a gap in the meter data you will need to change the date(s) to get rid of the gap in the data. More information here.
    3. If you have a gap with a signification period of time in meter data (a year or more missing) you will need to create a new meter. More information here.
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