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What is a baseline year? Current year? How do I change them? Follow

A Baseline Year is a historic point of comparison that you can use to track changes and improvements at your property over time. Your default Baseline Year will be the first year for which your property has 12 full months of data, but you can change it.

A Current Year is the most current 12-month period for which you have 12 full months of data. For example, if you update your bills every month, and you just entered the bill for Jan 15 - Feb 15 2018, then your Current Year will be January 2018 because that is the last complete month that you have. A different Current Year is determined for energy and water, based on the most current meter data. You can't change your Current Year.

Each Baseline and Current Year are represented by a Date that is the last day of the 12-month period (ex: 1/31/2018).

You have separate Baselines & Current Years for your energy, water, and waste.

To change your Current or Baseline year (for Energy, Water or Waste):

  • For individual properties: on the Goals Tab (under "Current, Baselines & Targets").
  • For ALL of your properties from the My Portfolio tab (lower left, "Set a portfolio baseline and/or target")


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