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Do I receive "credit" in my score for the onsite green power that I export back to the grid? Follow

No. Some properties may generate more electricity from onsite wind and solar energy than they can use in real time, and they may export this excess to the electricity grid. Portfolio Manager allows tracking of these renewable electricity exports.  However, the export of energy does not lower the total energy requirement of the property, which is the basis of the ENERGY STAR score. 

For example, if your property requires 100 units of electricity to operate, it will require 100 units whether your onsite generation is capable of producing 50 units or 200 units. Generating more or less electricity than you need does not make the inherent operation of your property any more efficient. Therefore, properties do not receive credit in their score when energy is exported to the grid.
When you export electricity to the grid, these exports are not included in the calculation of your Direct, Indirect, or Total Emissions. If you retained the RECs (or procure alternative RECs through arbitrage) for the exported energy, then you can attribute those RECs to your electric grid meter as offsite green power. However, there isn't an easy way to do this. You will need to:

  1. Calculate the kWh exported as a percentage of your electric grid purchase
  2. Even though you know the exact generation location, you'll need to say "I don't know anything about where the energy was generated" because your private solar panels/wind turbine will not be on our list of generation plants. 

Improving this functionality is on our wish list for the future.


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