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How do I enter onsite green power (solar/wind)? Part 1- Create Meters Follow

To enter onsite green power (your solar panels/wind turbine) you need two different electric meters:

  1. One meter for your grid electricity. Almost all buildings with solar (or wind) still use energy from the grid, even buildings that generate more energy than they use each month. Most buildings don’t have the capacity to store the energy they generate to be used later, when the sun isn’t shining (or the wind isn’t blowing). Any energy the building uses that physically comes from the grid should be entered here as grid electricity. It's not sufficient to enter a “net” meter, which only shows the difference between the energy you import from the grid and the green power you export back to the grid.
  2. One meter for your onsite green power. This will track all of the electricity generated by your solar or wind system. You may generate more energy than you can use, so you will enter both the energy that you generate, and the energy that you export back to the grid.

 Now, you are ready to enter onsite green power consumption data.


For more information, refer to our Technical Reference on Green Power.



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