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My weather station is incorrect. Can I fix it? Follow

If you think your weather station is incorrect, fill out the "Ask a Question" form (above) and let us know the specifics. Portfolio Manager assigns weather stations based on postal codes (zip codes) and there isn't a way for a user to override this selection.

We get our list of weather stations from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), part of NOAA. NCDC updates their data on a regular basis and EPA updates historical data in Portfolio Manager on an annual basis to accommodate any modifications and corrections from NCDC. 

Properties outside of the U.S. and Canada need to select their own weather stations when they set up a property because Portfolio Manager does not maintain an inventory of international postal codes.

For more information:

  • A map of the weather stations used in Portfolio Manager is included in our technical reference document: Climate and Weather (see Figure 1 for the US & Canada and Figure 2 for international). There are 778 weather stations for the United States, 153 stations for Canada, and 2,368 stations for other countries.



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