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What is Weather Normalized energy? Follow

Weather Normalized energy is the energy your property would have used if you had experienced 30 year average temperatures. The weather in a given year may be much hotter or colder than your building’s normal climate; weather normalized energy accounts for this difference. However, weather normalized energy adjusts for weather only, not climate.

  • Weather refers to annual variations at a single location over time. Ex: Washington DC had a very mild summer in 2014.
  • Climate (Not part of Weather Normalization) refers to regional variations in average weather conditions. Ex: Florida has a warmer climate than Maine.
When we calculate Weather Normalized energy, each fuel is normalized separately, then added together to get a total.
Weather Normalized energy is best suited to:
  • Evaluate your property from one year to the next
  • Assess performance if you cannot earn an ENERGY STAR score
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