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Why is my "Weather Normalized Source EUI" the same as my "Source EUI?" Follow

If your Weather Normalized Source EUI is the same as your Source EUI, it probably means your property does not exhibit a relationship between temperature and energy.

Our weather normalization process is property-specific. We do not automatically assume that you will use a certain amount of energy for each degree.  Instead we make a plot for your property to look at the actual energy as compared with the actual temperature and adjust based on how your property responds to changes in temperature. This means it is possible for two buildings in the same city, on the same block, to receive different adjustments.

Generally, commercial buildings are not as sensitive to the outside temperature as a residential home is.  Commercial buildings are more likely to have ventilation systems that run all year round, regardless of temperature, and they may also have high internal loads due to computers and other equipment. Therefore, for many commercial buildings there is no significant difference in energy related to changes in outdoor temperature. 

For more information, see our Technical Reference on Climate and Weather.

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