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What's the difference between Green Button's "Connect" and Portfolio Manager's web services? Follow

Green Button’s Connect My Data and Portfolio Manager web services are similar in that data is exchanged electronically / on the back end.  For example, using Portfolio Manager web services you can share your property with the “Exchange Data” level and allow a utility or consultant to enter data directly into Portfolio Manager on the back end.  Green Button Connect My Data is similar in that it is an electronic protocol used to exchange data. 

However, there are some important differences between Green Button Connect My Data and Portfolio Manager web services.  Portfolio Manager web services offer a full set of end-to-end whole building benchmarking services.  Whereas Green Button is focused on energy data for an individual meter, Portfolio Manager works from a whole building perspective. In addition to meter level utility data, Portfolio Manager includes operational data (size, hours, workers) and performance data such as the ENERGY STAR score and GHG emissions. EPA is exploring opportunities to expand our work with Green Button but Green Button Connect My Data would never replace Portfolio Manager web services because it does not provide a framework for tracking operational details or exchanging performance metrics. 

Comparison Chart:

Portfolio Manager

Green Button

Property focus

Single meter focus

Raw data plus metrics (Score, EUI, GHG Emissions, etc.)

Raw data only

Energy and property details (sq. ft., number of workers, etc.)

Energy and Cost data only

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