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What enhancements were implemented in 2015? Follow

Here are the major 2015 Portfolio Manager Enhancements:
  • Combined Basic Meter Info/Manage Bills Page: You can now view and edit the basic meter information while in the manage bills page. 
  • Inactive meters are no longer pulled into your "Add Bills" upload spreadsheet.
  • Commas added in Energy and Water tabs - your usage and cost data now have commas (you can input commas, and if you don't we add them)
  • Download data for one meter - You can now download all your meter history for a single meter from the bottom of the "Manage Bills" page
  • Green Button download.
  • Bulk Transfer of Ownership - Now you can transfer multiple properties at once. The only restriction is that you have to be the Property Data Administrator (owner) to transfer.
  • Accept (or reject) a property transfer -Ownership is not transferred until the new owner accepts the property. If the property receives data automatically from a utility or service provider, the new owner will have to “connect” with that company.
  • Cancel Pending Connection Requests. You can now cancel a connection request that you've sent.
  • Contact Pick Lists – We've added account usernames, because sometime a user has 2 accounts with the same name, this will help you select the right account.
  • Integrated Alerts: All alerts have been revised with improved explanations of the problems, more information on how to resolve them, and direct links to the meters/pages where the problem exists. Also, more alerts have been added.


  • Reporting: Multiple Reporting Periods - Now, you can run reports for multiple years on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Just remember, all metrics are based on a Metric Year, so even when you run a “monthly” report, each monthly metric you see is based on the previous 12 months of data.
  • Data Requests Warnings - Data Requests will now give you a "Warning" you if you are submitting a report with any major metrics as "N/A"
  • New Metric: List of All Property Use Types at Property -Understand mixed use buildings more easily
  • Use Detail History in Export. The Property Export and Portfolio Export now includes the full use detail history.  Previously, it showed the most current value only.
  • New Comparison table on Summary tab - You can see more metrics when you first select a property. Change the Time Period for comparison if you want. Click on "Not Available" for detailed messages to help you fix problems.
  • Median Comparison for Properties without Scores. Determine if your property is better or worse than the median.


  • Certification- Flexible Options for Person Who Conducted Site Visit - We added a field for the person who conducted the Site Visit, if it's not the same as the Licensed Professional (LP) who signs the application.
  • Approval Date and Score in Recognition tab: Now you can view the exact approval date of your ENERGY STAR Certifications and the year ending dates for which they were approved (Recognition tab -> "My ENERGY STAR Certified Applications" table -> expand the carrot by the property name)


  • Show Parent in Campus. Added the Parent Property to all of its children properties.
  • Redesigned Details tab - We’ve added a new pie chart with % break down of each of your Property Use Types. We also added two new total GFA rows at the bottom of the table. These features should help track down errors. Also on the Details tab, we’ve improved the “Basic Information” box to highlight some items that you entered when you first created your building: Construction Status, Property GFA - Self-Reported, and Occupancy.
  • Degree Days Calculator. Find the weather station, Heating Degree Days (HDD) and Cooling Degree Days (CDD) for any location and 12-month time period at www.energystar.gov/DegreeDaysCalculator.
  • Test - You can mark your properties as "Test" buildings.
  • The Upload Spreadsheet for Use Details is now available.

Web Services:

  • Associate One Meter at a Time - The "Associate" web service now lets you associate one meter at a time to the property metrics.
  • Provide a reason for no score - There is now a "get" call that returns the reason a property doesn't have a score (the same NA message a user would see).
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