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I have a large parking garage. Is it preventing me from getting a score? Follow

Possibly. If you do NOT have a sub-meter on your parking garage and you are including the parking energy and parking Gross Floor Area:

  • You will get a score as long as your parking Gross Floor Area (Completely or Partially Enclosed) is 50% or less of the property's Gross Floor Area. If your parking garage is greater than 50%, then you will need to start sub-metering its energy consumption so that you can exclude the parking energy and square footage, which will allow you to get a score and become eligible for certification.

If you ARE sub-metering your parking and excluding its energy (preferred), then you are eligible for certification as long as your Parking Gross Floor Area (Completely or Partially Enclosed) is less than 75% of the Property Gross Floor Area. If the parking Gross Floor Area is greater than 75%, then EPA considers it a Parking Garage and is not eligible for certification.



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