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What types of parking are tracked? Follow

Portfolio Manager tracks 3 types of parking:

  • Open Parking Lot is a paved area that is lit and use for parking vehicles. Open parking lot size refers specifically to open area, which may include small shading covers but does not include any full structures with roofs. Parking lot size may include the area of parking spots, lanes, and driveways.
  • Partially Enclosed Parking is parking garages where each level is covered at the top, but the sides are partially or fully open – that is, structures that have partial walls or no walls at all. While Partially Enclosed Parking Garages have lights on 24 hours/day, they can take advantage of some natural day lighting and ventilation in a way that a fully enclosed structures cannot. Therefore, the energy consumption of a partially-enclosed structures is generally lower than completely enclosed structures. Commercial carports should be counted here. 
  • Completely Enclosed Parking garages are completely enclosed by a roof and full-walls on all sides. Underground garages are an example of completely enclosed parking. Completely Enclosed Parking Garages have lights and ventilation 24 hours/day.

For parking Gross Floor Area (GFA) include all square footage in the garage such as ramps, offices, and stairwells.

Private residential garages and carports are not considered "parking" in Portfolio Manger. 



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